Joe Lombardo To Run For State Governor


A self-described conservative Republican, the Sheriff of Clark County Joe Lombardo announced that he would compete for state governor in a recent Las Vegas function. Lombardo stated that the forward-looking policies from Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak would cause Senator Bernie Sanders to blush.

Before 80 supporters in Rancho High School, Lombardo stated that he would run to end the one-party rule that erodes Nevada of the laws, opportunities and values that make it great. It is the school in which Lombardo graduated around 40 years before.

Democratic Party members in Nevada still control the state Legislature as well as the offices of the governor and attorney general. Lombardo stated that Sisolak is undeniably a more partisan Nevada governor than anyone before him in the history of the state.

In a recent conversation with Fox News, Lombardo stated that a socialist attitude is developing in Nevada in the form of a one-party rule. When asked to elaborate on the statement in the news conference, Lombardo cited reduced criminal punishments and big government, apparently alluding to the reform bills passed in a recent Legislative Session.

Lombardo appreciated the fact that there is a need for police reform. At the same time, he stated that we are responding too quickly and are making an environment in which the cops are shackled and could not perform their job.

Mentioning a rise in violent crimes nationwide when the US emerges from this epidemic, Lombardo stated that he would go down the law-and-order path in the gubernatorial race.

As for Lombardo, he is a proud US veteran, the Sheriff of a federal agency that takes pride in being accountable and tough, and an ex-beat cop. It is worth noting that Lombardo started his career in law enforcement as a cop with the LVMPD, and then became its Sheriff.

Lombardo also stated that he would not sign any new tax bills from the Legislature in the future. He is also a staunch advocate of America’s Second Amendment rights, especially regarding responsible and law-abiding gun owners. While supporting legal immigration, Lombardo has a zero-tolerance policy towards illegal immigration.

After Donald Trump’s defeat in the recent presidential election, he has amplified unsubstantiated claims of election fraud, wrongly claiming he lost the presidency due to it. Few GOP officials have criticized those claims sharply.

Lombardo also promised that he would make bipartisan commissions in order to examine not just Nevada’s election integrity but also voting redistricting. As for Lombardo, the legislation in Nevada that allows mail-in balloting for all registered voters simplifies cheating. Lombardo described it as an electoral system that simplifies committing fraud for people.

Lombardo is thinking about what will happen in the future, instead of considering the past. So, he did not state whether there was US electoral fraud in the past.

While Lombardo would not confirm whether his political campaign would seek Donald Trump’s endorsement, he clarified that it would embrace the same. Lombardo said that he would welcome any person who is open to endorsing him and believes in the path that he wants to go.

While supporting school choice, Lombardo is against teaching critical race theory (CRT) in US public schools. He also rebuked Sisolak’s school restrictions during the pandemic, claiming that the state governor deprived students of important education, activities such as sports, theatre and music, as well as social interactions.

With the gubernatorial announcement, Lombardo joins a list of GOPs attempting to remove Sisolak from his seat. The first term of Sisolak will end next year.

Mayor John Jay Lee of North Las Vegas has also announced that he would be part of the gubernatorial race. Lee switched his political affiliation from the US Democratic Party to be a GOP a few days ago.

As of writing this, US Senator Dean Heller and Representative Mark Amodei are wondering whether to compete for the state governor position. For your information, Heller lost to Jacky Rosen in the 2018 Nevada State Senate race.

The Sheriff and his political campaign team visited Northern Nevada some days ago to meet with US voters there. As a Republican, Lombardo won the 2014 election for the County Sheriff’s position. Therefore, Lombardo said that people know that he has been a GOP extremely and that it offers him an advantage over other Republicans in the gubernatorial race.